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Vixen A80mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 Inch) Ota Telescope With Finderscope 2603 Telescopes Save 29% Brand Vixen

ขายถูก  รีบซื้อ Vixen A80mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 Inch) Ota Telescope With Finderscope 2603 Telescopes Save 29% Brand Vixenออนไลน์ ราคาถูก พิเศษ ก่อนสินค้าจะหมดสต๊อค สั่งซื้อ Vixen A80mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 Inch) Ota Telescope With Finderscope 2603 Telescopes Save 29% Brand Vixenถูกจริง ไม่แพง พร้อมรับราคาโปรโมชั่นก่อนใคร!. คุณสามารถ เช็คราคาพิเศษและสั่งซื้อ Vixen A80mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 Inch) Ota Telescope With Finderscope 2603 Telescopes Save 29% Brand Vixenไม่แพง, ราคาพิเศษ, ดูข้อเสนอที่ทางเรามีให้ก่อนตัดสินใจซื้อ


Vixen A80mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 Inch) Ota Telescope With Finderscope 2603 Telescopes Save 29% Brand Vixen.

Product Description

Product Info for Vixen A80Mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 inch) OTA Telescope with Finderscope 2603 Telescopes

The Vixen A80Mf Achromatic Refractor 80mm (3.2 inch) OTA Telescope with Finderscope 2603 is a favorite introductory telescope with a large aperture for great resolution. The A80Mf Refractor Telescope by Vixen features great detail in solar system objects and in the deep sky. The Vixen A-80Mf Telescope 2603 is an Achromatic Refractor with an 80mm (3.2") aperture. This Vixen Telescope has a focal length of 910mm (3 ft.) with an f ratio of 11.4. The Vixen A 80 Mf Achromatic Reflector Telescope 's light gathering is 130 times better than the human eye and has a maximum (realistic) power of 144X. These Vixen A 80Mf OTA Telescopes 2603 have the same quality glass and exacting workmanship that goes into much larger Vixen Telescopes.

Note: The Vixen A 80Mf Achromatic Refractor OTA Optical Tube Assembly 2603 does not come with a Telescope Mount or Tripod.

The Vixen A80-Mf OTA (Optical Tube Assembly) comes complete with:

  • A smaller 6x power finder telescope that attaches to the main scope to help you center the object.
  • A 20mm eyepiece for general viewing.
  • A 6.3mm eyepiece for those really clear nights, for high power viewing.
  • A diagonal prism that connects the eyepiece to the telescope.
  • A Dew / Sun shield.
  • A Complete tube rings and dovetail plate to quickly attach the A80 Mf to one of the optional Vixen Mounts.
  • Dimensions: 90mm x 860mm (3.5 x 33.8 in)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs)

Carson Red Planet Rp-200 Refractor Telescope Save 19% Brand Carson.

Product Description

Product Info for Carson Red Planet RP-200 Refractor Telescope

The Carson Red Planet Series RP-200 Refractor Telescope features fully coated optics that will display sharp images of celestial objects, a finder scope for easy location of your target, and two high quality eyepieces for the best viewing results. The Carson RP-200 Telescope comes with a Horizon mount with setting circles to allow you to dial the coordinates of specific objects. Easily track down specific stars, planets and nebulae with this Carson Telescope. The Carson RP-200 Red Planet Scope boasts plenty of eye relief and generous field of view.

The Carson Red Planet 200 Telescope will reveal the rings of Saturn, Jupiter's Galilean moons, star clusters, the phases of Venus, and much more. The Carson Red Planet series features a sophisticated and sleek design so attractive you will be proud to keep it out all year round and it will blend nicely with any decor.

Specifications for Carson Optical RP200 Telescope:

Model Number: RP-200
Magnification: 25x-56x
Aperture: 80mm (3.15")
Focal Length: 500mm (19.69")
Finderscope: 8x21mm (Erecting)
Weight: 8
Dimensions: 18.5" x 4.5" x 4.5" (Tube Size)

Features of Carson RP-200 Refracting Telescope:

  • Complete setup with tripod and eyepieces
  • Finder scope included
  • Fully coated optics
  • Setting circles allow you to "dial in" coordinates

Package Contents:

  • Carson RP200 Red Planet Telescope
  • K20mm eyepiece
  • K9mm eyepiece
  • 90° Erecting Prism
  • Adjustable aluminum tripod

Barska 6x30mm Anchormaster Refractor Telescope Aa11126 Save 56% Brand Barska.

Product Description

Product Info for Barska 6x30mm AnchorMaster Refractor Telescope AA11126

The Barska 6x30mm Anchor Master Refractor Telescope AA11126 is classic and elegant with precision handcrafted, high quality brass scopes that will sweep you back to the enchanting days of ships and pirates. Barska AnchorMaster 6x30 mm Refractor Telescope AA-11126 is a 100% polished brass telescope and features fully coated achromatic lenses for brilliant images, 6x magnification for clearer view, and structured in a refractor design with helical focusing ring . Barska made this telescope to be mounted on a desktop mahogany pedestal, giving Barska AnchorMaster Refractor Telescope AA 11126 a sophisticated look. These Barska Telescopes will take your breath away with our amazing price!

Features of Barska AnchorMaster Refractor Telescope AA11126:

  • 6x magnification
  • 30mm Objective Lens
  • Mounted on a desktop mahogany pedestal.

Package Contents:

  • Barska 6x30mm Anchor Master Refractor Telescope AA11126

Features of Barska 6x30mm AnchorMaster Refractor Telescope AA11126:

  • Field of View (ft at 1000yds/m at 1000m): 172/52.4
  • Eye relief: 0.79"
  • Close focus (ft.): 26
  • Adjustable angle
  • 6x magnification with 30mm lens
  • Weight: 1.8 lbs.

Package Contents:

  • Barska 6x30mm AnchorMaster Refractor Telescope AA11126
  • Mahogany desktop pedestal and lens cloth

Celestron Skyprodigy 6 Computerized Telescope W/ Mount & Remote Save 41% Brand Celestron.

Product Description

Product Info for Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Computerized Telescope w/ Mount & Remote

Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Computerized Telescope 11076 will make you feel like an astronomy prodigy, with its simple one-touch alignment system and high definition optics. These revolutionary Celestron telescopes make use of patented StarSense technology to automatically align the telescope to the night sky with unerring accuracy. The SkyProdigy telescope has an integrated imaging camera (used only for aligning the telescope, not saving image data) that captures a broad image of the sky, identifies local stars, and triangulates your telescope's position based on those stars. This process requires no effort on your part; simply boot up the telescope, push the alignment button, and let the Celestron Sky Prodigy 6 StarSense Alignment Telescope do its work. This telescope has a light gathering power that is nearly three times that of the Celestron SkyProdigy 90, thanks to fully multi-coated optics, resulting in exceedingly bright images. These Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes have a wide 152mm aperture, coupled with a long 1500mm focal length for a total useful magnification range from 359x to 22x. You can educate yourself about the night sky with the Celestron Sky-Prodigy 6 Schmidt-Cassegrain Computerized Alt-AZ Telescope and its included SkyX First Light Edition computer software.

The Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Altazimuth Mount Telescope is controlled with a computerized altazimuth mount that can automatically locate any one of the 4,000 items in its database once you align the telescope. The telescope attaches to the Alt-Az mount via a quick release fork arm that requires no tools to install on the mount, making set up easy and fast. Celestron has packaged the Celestron Sky-Prodigy 6 Automatic Alignment 359x Telescope with a convenient hand control unit, which gives you precise control over almost every aspect of the telescope's orientation. These powerful telescopes in the Celestron SkyProdigy series can either run on external power, or they can run for up to 30 hours on a single battery pack, making them ideal for field use as well as observations near the lab or the home. A prodigy of telescope engineering with one-touch alignment capabilities, the Celestron Sky Prodigy 6 Motorized Quick Release Telescope will have you navigating the night sky like a seasoned astronomer with one button press.

Specifications for Celestron SkyProdigy VI Computerized Alt-Az Telescope w/ Remote:

Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture: 152mm
Focal Length: 1500mm
Focal Ratio: 9.87
First Eyepiece Focal: 25mm
First Eyepiece Magnification: 60x
Second Eyepiece Focal: 9mm
Second Eyepiece Magnification: 167x
Finderscope: StarPointer
Mount Type: Motorized Altazimuth
Tripod Material: Steel
Weight: 23 lbs
Max Useful Magnification: 329x
Min Useful Magnification: 22x
Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 13.4
Rayleigh Resolution: 0.92 arc seconds
Light Gathering Power: 472x
Angular Field of View: 0.83°
Linear Field of View: 43.6' at 1000 yards
Secondary Mirror Obstruction: 2.2"
Optical Coatings: Fully multi-coated, StarBright XLT
Tracking Rates: Sidereal, Solar, Lunar
Tracking Mode: Alt-az
Optical Tube Length: 15"
Batteries: 8x D-cell alkaline
Battery Life: Up to 30 hours
Fork Arm Material: Cast Aluminum

Features of Celestron Sky Prodigy Six StarBright XLT Telescope w/ Mount:

  • Automatically aligning telescope by Celestron
  • Nearly three times the light gathering power of the Celestron SkyProdigy 90
  • Fully automatic StarSense alignment system uses internal camera to identify night sky objects, then aligns according to three identified objects, all with one button press
  • Fully computerized alt-azimuth mount controlled by remote hand controller
  • Quick release fork arm and optical mount tube allows fast mounting without tools
  • Tough stainless steel tripod with accessory tray for lenses, eyepieces, etc.
  • Runs for up to 30 hours on eight (8) D-cell batteries
  • Comes with SkyX First Light Edition CD-ROM
  • Over 4,000 objects in computerized mount database
  • Flash-upgradeable hand control software for precise manual and automatic telescope control
  • Fully multi-coated StarBright XLT lenses for improved brightness
  • Total useful magnification of 359x
  • Two different eyepieces for variable magnification
  • Easy to set up and tear down
  • Comes with a 25mm eyepiece, a 9mm eyepiece, a 1.25" Star Diagonal, a StarPointer finderscope with mounting bracket, a deluxe accessory tray, SkyX First Light Edition CD-ROM, and computerized hand control
  • Backed by the Celestron 2 year warranty

Package Contents:

  • Celestron SkyProdigy 6 Computerized Telescope 11076
  • 25mm eyepiece
  • 9mm eyepiece
  • Star diagonal
  • StarPointer finderscope
  • StarPointer mounting bracket
  • Deluxe accessory tray
  • SkyX First Light Edition software
  • Computerized hand control
  • Computerized Alt-Az mount

Konus 60x900mm Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744 Save 13% Brand Konus.

Product Description

Product Info for Konus 60x900mm Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744

Introducing the new Konus 60x900mm Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744. This Konus telescope is a precise optical instrument made with extreme care in every detail. Simplifying observation to a basic level, this telescope will amaze the beginners and immerse them into the world of stars, planets, and history. The more advanced user will enjoy the "Sky-Explorer" software, great 700mm focal length and acromatic lenses. Compiled of metal tubes, the Konus Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744 is made to last.

Specifications for Konus 60x900mm Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744:

Type:   Refractor
Diameter:   60mm
Focal Length:   900 mm
Focal Ratio:   f/15
Mount:   Alt-azimuth
Tripod:   67 in. Metal
Finderscope:   5x24
Magnification wiht supplied Eyepieces:   112x and 45x

Features of 60x900mm Konus Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744:

  • multicoated optics
  • 90° diagonal mirror
  • Moon filter

Package Contents:

  • Konus Konuspace-7 Telescope 1744
  • Metal tripod
  • 5x24 finderscope
  • Eyepieces H 8 mm and H 20 mm, diam. 24.5 mm (1")
  • Cd-Rom with astronomical software "Sky Explorer"

Meade 12 In Lx200acf Advanced Coma Free Telescopenewly Added Save 39% Brand Meade.

Product Description

Product Info for Meade 12 in LX200ACF Advanced Coma Free Telescope

Focal Length: 3048mm. Focal Ratio: f/10, Includes Losmandy-style Mounting Rail. OTA weight is 35 lbs.

Package Contents:

  • Meade 12 in LX200ACF Advanced Coma Free Telescope

Konus Konuspace-5 Telescope 1731 Save 33% Brand Konus.

Product Description

Product Info for Konus Konuspace-5 Telescope 1731

Opticsplanet now offers the Konus Konuspace-5 Telescope 1731. This Konus telescope can be used as either an astronomical telescope or terrestrial telescope. Equipped with a zoom eyepiece which gives gradual magnifications from 6x to 28x, this telescope comes complete with the "Sky-Explorer" software for the most immersive astronomical experience, both on the field and on the screen of your PC.

Specifications for Konus Konuspace-5 Telescope 1731:

Focal Length:   700mm
Eyepiece:   F6 and H12.5

Features of Konus Konuspace-5 Telescope 1731:

  • 5x24 finderscope.
  • 90° diagonal mirror.
  • Two eyepieces F6 and H12,5, "24,5mm (0.9").
  • Terrestrial zoom eyepiece 6x-28x.
  • "Sky Explorer" software in english.

Package Contents:

  • Konus Konuspace-5 Telescope 1731
  • Table tripod with handle.
  • Terrestrial zoom eyepiece 6x-28x.
  • Instructions

Meade Etx125 Observer Telescope Save 36% Brand Meade.

Product Description

Product Info for Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope

The Meade ETX125 Telescope is a perfect addition to any star gazers arsenal for an educational and exciting evening. Thanks to the AudioStar controller which contains over 30,000 celestial objects the Meade Telescopes is ideal for novice and expert astronomers alike. With the Meade Observer Telescopes full size steel tripod with EQ tilt plate and internal flip mirror system starwatching has never been easier. If you're in the market for a great, fun, and educational telescope the Meade Observer Everybody's Telescope is the one you've been searching across the universe for!

Specifications for Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope:

Included Accessories: Two Super Plossl Eyepieces 9.7mm/26mm, 1.25 in diameter, AudioStar
Objective Aperture: 127 mm
Focal Length: 1900 mm
Focal Ratio: f/15
Color: Blue
Optical Coating: Multi-Coated
Battery Type: 8 x AA Batteries or 12v external power

Meade ETX125 Telescope, ME-TS-ETX125

  • Comes with AudioStar controller containing over 30,000 celestial objects
  • Full Size Steel Tripod with EQ tilt plate
  • Internal Flip Mirror System

Package Contents:

  • Meade ETX125 Observer Telescope, ME-TS-ETX125