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Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless Telescope Save 37% Brand Carson

รีวิวราคาถูก Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless Telescope Save 37% Brand Carson  ได้รับการคัดสรรจากเราแล้วว่าเป็นสินค้าที่ดี มีคุณภาพ มีผู้สนใจสั่งซื้อเป็นจำนวนมาก หากคุณกำลังต้องการ Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless Telescope Save 37% Brand Carson รับรองได้ว่านี้เป็นสินค้าที่เหมาะสมกับคุณอย่างแน่นอน  Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless Telescope Save 37% Brand Carson เว็บไซต์เรานั้นมีผลิตภัณฑ์โปรโมชั่นทุกอย่างที่คุณตั้งใจ หรือใครหาร้านจำหน่าย สินค้า สามารถเลือกเข้ามาชมเช็คคุณภาพสินค้าเว็บไซต์เราได้ มีอัพเดตใหม่ๆตลอด พร้อมทั้งยังราคาที่ประหยัดกว่าการซื้อแบบขายปลีกหรือขายตรงอีกด้วย คุณภาพผลิตภัณฑ์ของการนำไปใช้งานได้ดีและรับประกันความพึ่งพอใจของผลิตภัณฑ์ทุกรายการที่สั่งซื้อ อีกทั้งยังมีโปรโมชั่นสำหรับ{{คุณ|ท่าน|ลูกค้าที่ชอบช็อปปิ้งอีกด้วย ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติม ต่างๆที่ลูกค้าอาจจะต้องการรู้หรือสงสัย เมื่อคุณสั่งซื้อ เช่น



Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless Telescope Save 37% Brand Carson.

Product Description

Product Info for Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless TeleScope

14x - 32x Tubeless Telescope

Specifications for Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless TeleScope:

Magnification: 14 - 32 x

Package Contents:

  • Carson Skele 14x-32x Tubeless Telescopes

Levenhuk Labzz T3 Telescope Save 20% Brand Levenhuk.

Product Description

Product Info for Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope

Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope Refractor. Objective lens diameter: 60 mm. Focal length: 700 mm. Levenhuk LabZZ T3 is a children's telescope with up to 175x magnification. It makes a perfect choice for trying your hand at astronomy and is perfectly suitable for first astronomical observations. The telescope can effortlessly show a young inquisitive astronomer a lot of beauties of this world - nebula, constellations, faraway galaxies, Solar System planets and the Moon. Terrestrial viewing is also possible with Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope as it is able to produce direct images. All accessories required for astronomical and terrestrial observations are already included in the kit. Together with the telescope, you also get a number of accessories: eyepieces of different magnification power, 3x Barlow lens, diagonal mirror; 1.5x erecting eyepiece. During observations you can store all accessories on the convenient tray that is installed on the tripod. The tripod is aluminum, making it lightweight and steady. The length of the tripod's legs is adjustable. The telescope is installed on an alt-azimuth mount, and controlling it won't cause any difficulties. With this mount, pointing the telescope at any celestial object becomes very easy. Features: Up to 175x magnification power Astronomy telescope for children Suitable for terrestrial viewing Ease of use and light weight Ideal for kids All accessories are already included

Specifications for Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope:

Product Size: Medium

Package Contents:

  • Levenhuk LabZZ T3 Telescope

Meade Lx85 8in Newtonian Reflector Telescope, Optical Tube Assembly Only Save 36% Brand Meade.

Product Description

Product Info for Meade LX85 8in Newtonian Reflector Telescope, Optical Tube Assembly Only

8" Newtonian Reflector - Aperture: 200mm; Focal Length: 1000mm; Focal Ratio: f/5. Parabolic aluminized primary with SiO2 coating and 2" rack and pinion focuser. Includes 8x50 optical viewfinder; 1.25" diagonal mirror; 26mm and 9mm Super Plssl eyepieces (38X and 111X). Optical tube weight is 20.7 lbs with dovetail.

Specifications for Meade LX85 8in Newtonian Reflector Telescope, Optical Tube Assembly Only:

Included Accessories: 26mm and 9mm Super Plossl eyepieces /38X and 111X/, 8x50 optical viewfinder, 1.25in diagonal mirror
Objective Aperture: 200 mm
Focal Length: 1000 mm
Focal Ratio: f/5

Package Contents:

  • Meade LX85 8in Newtonian Reflector Telescope, Optical Tube Assembly Only

Galileo G-2ht 700x60mm Terrestrial Refractor Telescope Save 50% Brand Galileo.

Product Description

Product Info for Galileo G-2HT 700x60mm Terrestrial Refractor Telescope

The Galileo G-2HT Refractor Telescope is mounted on an Altitude Azimuth yoke mount. It's easy use up and down, left and right movement is great for beginners and casual star gazers alike. Terrestrial viewing is extremely easy due to the included erecting prism which produces a totally erect image. The Mount features a slow motion altitude adjustment rod for precision adjustments and is attached to a very sturdy, fully adjustable, pre-assembled metal tripod with retractable rubber feet.

The Galileo G-2HT optical tube assembly features a 700mm focal length. The objective lens is a 60mm two element achromat (color correct crown & flint) air spaced objective lens. The tube itself is aluminum, painted flat black internally, and fully baffled for excellent visual and CCD imaging. The objective is fully multi-coated and has a resolving power of 1.9 arc seconds. The optical tube assembly is diffraction limited at 4 (1/4 wave in Sodium light). The finderscope is Galileos Mars Eye electronic Finderscope which helps by getting the observer behind the telescope without losing the surrounding field of view when targeting objects. Included with the G-2HT are a 1 6mm eyepiece (116X Power/Magnification), a 1 20mm eyepiece (35X Power/Magnification) and a 3x Barlow which triples the power when used with each Eyepiece.

700mm x 60mm Optical Tube Assembly

Diffraction limited Optical Tube Assembly (4)

Altitude Azimuth Yoke Mount

Slow Motion Altitude Adjustment Rod

Fully Adjustable, Pre-assembled Metal Tripod w/Accessory Tray

Galileo Mars Eye Electronic Finderscope

1 Helical Rack & Pinion Focuser

1 6mm Eyepiece

1 20mm Eyepiece

1 3x Barlow Lens

STELLARIUM Planetarium Software

One Year Warranty

Included Accessories:

Pre-assembled Adjustable Metal Tripod

1.25 20mm Eyepiece

1.25 6mm Eyepiece

1.25" 2 element 3x Astroscopic Barlow

Cassini Planetarium CD-ROM

Specifications for Galileo G-2HT 700x60mm Terrestrial Refractor Telescope:

Finish: Hammer Tone
Focal Length: 700 mm

Package Contents:

  • Galileo G-2HT 700x60mm Terrestrial Refractor Telescope

Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval Np127fli 5in. F/5.3 Astrograph Imaging Refractor Save 22% Brand Tele Vue.

Product Description

Product Info for Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval NP127fli 5in. f/5.3 Astrograph Imaging Refractor

Take your next stargazing experience to the next level with Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval NP127fli 5in. f/5.3 Astrograph Imaging Refractor. This Telescope by Tele Vue is an ideal source for wide-range field of view. And featuring a Finger Lakes Instrumentation Atlas focuser as well as a CenterLine filter wheel, Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval Imaging Refracting Telescope is so comprehensive that users aren't required to do much more than plug and play. For an awesome way to ensure that you've made the finest selection in viewing the cosmos, don't hesitate to get Tele Vue APO Refractor.

Specifications for Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval NP127fli 5in. f/5.3 Astrograph Imaging Refractor:

Maximum Imaging Field: 4.3-degrees, 52mm Diagonal Chip

Features of Tele Vue APO Refractor:

  • Installs in FLI ProLine camera with CenterLine Filter Wheel
  • Atlas Focuser for plug-n-play installation
  • CCD formats up to 52mm diagonal

Package Contents:

  • Tele Vue Nagler-Petzval NP127fli 5in. f/5.3 Astrograph Imaging Refractor
  • Screw on lens cover
  • Ring mount
  • Hard shell carry case

Meade 10in Lx600-Acf Advanced Coma-Free Telescope W/ Starlock Tracker Save 40% Brand Meade.

Product Description

Product Info for Meade 10in LX600-ACF Advanced Coma-Free Telescope w/ StarLock Tracker

The Meade LX600 10" Telescope is a simple to operate, portable fork-mounted telescope that makes taking great astrophotos as easy as focusing your camera and opening the shutter. The Meade LX600 10" ACF Telescope builds on two standard-setting lines, with the venerable and standard-setting performance of the LX200, combined with the f/8 ACF optical system from the LX800 series, including the patent-pending internal Craford-style zero shift focuser. Add the Meade StarLock system full time automatic auto-guiding, ultra-high precision pointing, and LightSwitch style automatic alignments, and you have top-of-the-line portable telescope that will keep you locked on target whether you're viewing or photographing. The Meade LX600 10" Telescope offers a complete astrophotographic package, ready for field portable equatorial alignment, full time guiding, and imaging at f/8 with an optionally available f/5 focal reducer.

The Meade LX600 f/8 Advanced Coma-Free 10-inch Telescope is a sophisticated instrument for the advanced astronomer, with a range of integrated features and technology that cannot be matched by any other manufacturer and cannot be duplicated by just attaching a set of add-ons to another telescope. Major features included with the Meade 10" LX600-ACF Astrophotography Telescope include:

  • Fast f/8 Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optical systems. Meade has completely redesigned the OTAs with a new mirror mounting and focusing system to achieve zero image-shift and a two-speed microfocuser. The scope features faster f/8 ACF optics giving you pinpoint stars all the way across the field of view.
  • StarLock. The Meade LX600-ACF Telescope integrates a unique star tracking and object finding system into the telescope mount. This integration allows the telescope to center your target perfectly in the field of view. Once centered, the star tracking system communicates directly with the motor drives to automatically assure your scope stays locked onto its target with arcsecond precision. The automated optical tracking system delivers long-exposure guiding with pinpoint stars on astro-images despite misalignments, atmospheric refraction, periodic or other mechanical errors. This level of precision is unobtainable with systems using high precision encoders, software pointing models, large gears or PEC training - and all without the need of an external computer.
  • Internal Crayford-style 7:1 Focuser. The completely redesigned mirror mounting system achieves zero-image shift, eliminating the need for a mirror lock and integrates a two-speed microfocuser for quick and easy adjustments.
  • Solid Fork Mount With Heavy Duty 5.75" Gears. Large, high-quality worm-gear drives in both axes provide smooth movements with low periodic error that are critical for long exposure astrophotography. Providing the freedom to go horizon to horizon without any meridian flip, unlike German Equatorial Mounts.
  • Alt/Az Mode. In alt/az mode, the Meade 10" LX600 also makes for the best visual and short exposure experience possible. The LX600 performs LightSwitch fully-automated self alignment. StarLock will put every target dead center in the eyepiece and track with arcsecond accuracy so you can concentrate on the beautiful, wide fields of pinpoint stars created by the superb f/8 ACF optical system.
  • AutoStar II hand control with over 144,000 object database to take you to almost any object imaginable at the push of the GoTo button. AutoStar II allows the user to setup and operate the LX600 in just the way you want.
  • Giant Field Tripod. With 3" diameter chromed steel legs and cast aluminum tripod head - adjustable from 34" to 54" - the Giant Field Tripod provides a research-grade foundation for the Meade LX600 10 Inch Telescope.

The Meade 10" LX600 Telescope has 10" diameter f/8 ACF optics (focal length 2032mm) and Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC) for maximum image brightness and contrast. The redesigned mirror mounting system achieves zero image shift eliminating the need for a mirror lock and includes an internal Crayford style focuser with two speed, 7:1 reduction control that allows for quick and easy adjustments.

The no-compromise Meade LX-600 dual fork mount features 5.75" main gear and pointing accuracy of one arcminute or better in High Precision Mode. This rock solid platform is sure to exceed the need for the most demanding applications. The fully height adjustable Meade Giant Field Tripod features massive 3" diameter legs, making it a research grade foundation for the Meade LX600 10" Astrophotography Telescope.

Specifications for Meade 10" LX600-ACF f/8 with StarLock:

Clear Aperture: 10" (254mm)
Optical Design: Advanced Coma Free (ACF)
Focal Length: 2,032mm
Focal Ratio: f/8
Telescope Mounting: Heavy-duty fork type; double-tine
Optical Coatings: Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC)
Resolving Power (Dawes Limit): 0.46 arcseconds
AutoStar Controller: Autostar II
Object Database: 145,000 objects
Viewfinder: 8x50mm with cross-hair reticle
Eyepiece: 26mm Series 4000 Super Plossl
Diagonal: 1.25" diagonal prism
Optimal back focus distance at f/5: 3.5 inches
Focus System: Internal Crayford-style, zero image-shift primary mirror focus with dual speed 7
Slow Motion Controls: Mechanical & electronic
Slew Speeds: RA and Dec
Tracking Rates: Sidereal, lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates
Control Panel: 12v DC in, 12v DC out, Power, Focuser, Reticle, Handbox port, 1 computer connection port (RS232), 1 StarLock port, 1 Aux guide port
Tripod: Giant Field Tripod
Batteries (User-Supplied): 8 x C cells
Battery Life (Typical): 20 hrs.
Power: 12V DC
Additional Features
GPS Receiver: Included
True Level & North Sensors (LNT): Included
Time Chip: Included
Smart Mount: Yes
Smart Drive: Yes
Mirror Lock: Yes
Oversized Primary Mirror: Yes
AutoStar Suite Planetarium Software: Included
Wide Field Camera: 25mm x 26mm f/1.04 optic with 1/2 inch format CMOS sensor gives field of 14.72 x 11.78 degrees.
Narrow Field Camera: 80mm x 400mm f/5 optic with 1/2 inch format Cmos sensor gives field
: of 57.2 x 45.8 arcminutes (2.68 arcseconds/pixel)
High Precision Pointing: +/- 1 arcminute
High Precision Guiding: Down to 1 arcsecond - depending on sky conditions.
High Precision Alignment: Semi-automatic drift align procedure for ulta-precise polar alignment
StarLock Weight: 6 lbs. (2.72 kg)
Primary Mirror: Low expansion borrosilicate glass
Secondary Mirrors: Individually figured with primary mirror for maximum correction. Low-expansion borosilicate glass
Correcting Plate/Lens: Aspheric high-spectral transmission Borofloat glass from Schott AG Germany
Optical Tube: Aluminum
Weights and Dimensions
OTA and Mount net weight: TBD
Tripod Weight: 50 lbs.
Tripod Dimensions: 40" to 50" variable
Telescope Shipping Weight (approx.): 136 lbs.

Features of Meade LX600 f/8 Advanced Coma-Free 10inch Telescope:

  • UHTC coatings
  • StarLock dual imager integrated full-time autoguider
  • LightSwitch Automatic Alignment in Alt-Az mode
  • Ultra Precision Pointing and Assisted Drift Alignment
  • GPS Receiver
  • Oversized Low-Expansion Borosilicate Primary Mirror
  • Schott Borofloat Glass Corrector Plate
  • Diffraction Limited Optics
  • Internal Crayford-style Focusing system with 7:1 focus control
  • OTA Tube Balance Weight System
  • AutoStar II handbox with 144,000 object library and AutoStar Suite software
  • Smart Drive with Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC)
  • Patented Level North Technology (LNT) Alignment System
  • 8x50 Finder scope

Package Contents:

  • Meade 10" LX600-ACF Telescope
    • 10" LX600-ACF Optical Tube
    • Giant Field Tripod
    • 1.25" Diagonal Prism
    • 26mm Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepiece
    • GPS Receiver
    • AutoStar II handbox with 144,000 object library
    • AutoStar Suite Software
    • 8x50 Viewfinder

Meade 10in Lx200acf Uhtc Advanced Coma Free Telescope Save Up To 39% Brand Meade.

Product Description

Product Info for Meade 10in LX200ACF UHTC Advanced Coma Free Telescope

Meade 10" LX200 ACF UHTC Advanced Coma Free GoTo GPS Telescope is a Hubble for your Backyard! Meade LX200 ACF Telescopes bring Advanced Coma Free optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere. Now with Meade 10" LX200ACF Computerized Telescope you can own what the professionals own. Meade LX200-ACF Telescopes Advanced Coma-Free GOTO Telescopes include all the field-proven features of the Meade LX200 and Meade LX200GPS Telescopes, including GPS, LNT, Primary Mirror Lock, Oversized Primary Mirror, SmartDrive, Smart Mount, Meade AutoAlign, Meade AutoStar II and more. Plus, all Meade LX 200 ACF Series Telescopes come with observatory-class optics.

Specifications for Meade LX200ACF 10" Advanced Coma-Free GPS Telescope with Meade UHTC 10106002:

Optical Design: Advanced Coma Free
Clear Aperture: 254mm (10 ")
Focal Length Focal Ratio: 2500mm f/10(10")
Maximum Practical Visual Power: 650X (10")
Telescope Mounting: heavy-duty fork type; double-tine
Primary Mirror Lock: included (progressive tension) All models
Eyepiece: Series 4000 Plossl
Viewfinder: 8 x 50mm
GPS, True-level and North sensors: included (16-channel GPS receiver) All models
Pointing Precision, High Precision Mode: 1-arc min. All models
Meade Autostar II Hand Controller: included (147,541 object database) All models
Batteries (user-supplied): 8 x C-cells
Battery Life (approx.): 21 hrs
Slew Speeds: RA and Dec - 0.01x to1.0x sidereal, variable in0.01x increments; 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x, 128x sidereal; 1°/sec. to 8°/sec., variable in 0.1° increments All models
Tracking Rates: sidereal, lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates All models
Primary, Secondary Mirrors: Pyrex glass
Correcting Plate/Lens: water white glass
Total Net Telescope Weight: 90 lbs.
Field Tripod Height all models: 30" to 44" variable
Meade UHTC Coatings: Included
UPC Code - UHTC: 709942500332

Features of Meade LX200-ACF Telescopes with UHTC:

  • Advanced Coma-Free Optics: Meade Advanced Comafree design is a huge jump over the traditional Schmidt-Cassegrain as far as sharpness of image, flatness of field, and color. Meade Advanced Coma Free Telescopes delivers the same sharp, flat, comafree field from edge to edge as a typical Ritchey-Chretien. The use of the corrector plate in the Meade ACF system creates a closed and protected optical tube, reduces astigmatism and eliminates the diffraction spikes inherent in the traditional RC design. ACF optical system by Meade perform at the same high level as comparable RC systems costing thousands more.
  • Meade UHTC Ultra-High Transmission Coatings: (included with model 1010-60-02) increases total light transmission and image brightness by nearly 20% over Meade standard coatings. Objects such as stars, galaxies and nebulae will appear significantly brighter.
  • Primary Mirror Lock: locks the mirror in place during long exposure astro photography.
  • Oversize Primary Mirror: diameters are greater than their listed aperture. This additional 1/4" yields a wide, fully illuminated field-of-view.
  • Meade Smart Mount: constantly refines pointing accuracy each time an object is centered and updated. Compatible with both equatorial and altazimuth mounts.
  • Meade Smart Drive: provides permanent periodic error correction (PPEC) on both axes by learning and averaging error over the course of one or more training periods, thereby minimizing guiding corrections during long-exposure photographs. PPEC is available on both axes and functions in both polar and altazimuth modes.
  • Sony GPS Receiver Sensor: automatically inputs precise time, date, and geographical location to help quickly and precisely align a LX200-ACF Meade Telescope.
  • Meade AutoAlign: Telescopes with Meade Auto Align come pre-aligned. They are smart scopes that know the night sky right out of the box. Meade AutoAlign picks two fail-proof alignment stars for you and places them right in your view-finder. Just center them to fine tune your alignment and the wonders of the universe are at your fingertips.
  • Meade AutoStar II Hand Controller: features "Hot Keys" for quick access to a 145,000 celestial object database. Meade Auto Star II can be updated with the latest software upgrades, guided tours and timely objects like comets free at meade.com.

Package Contents:

  • Meade 10 inch LX200 ACF UHTC Computerized Telescope:
    • Meade LX 200 ACF 10" Advanced Coma-Free OTA with Meade UHTC Coatings
    • Heavy Duty Double-Tine Fork Mount
    • AutoStar II GO TO Computer Controller w/ LNT and Smart Mount Technology
    • 16-channel GPS Automatic Alignment System
    • Metal Field Tripod (30"-44")
    • AutoStar Suite Software
    • Meade Series 4000 Plossl eyepiece
    • 1.25" Star Diagonal
    • 8 x 50mm Finder Scope
    • 7-port control panel (w/ two RS-232 serial interface ports)

Celestron Omni Xlt 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope W/out Tripod 11084 Save 36% Brand Celestron.

Product Description

Product Info for Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope w/out Tripod 11084

Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope 11084 is a versatile telescope with high quality optics and components, perfect for users of any level. The Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope is a Catadioptric Telescope that utilizes both lenses and mirrors to form an image. This Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope combines the advantages of a Refractor Telescope and Reflector Telescope while also eliminating their disadvantages. These Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes offer the clarity and contrast of Refractors with the low image aberration of Reflectors. In addition, the Celestron Omni XLT127 Telescope by Celestron has a 127mm aperture giving a superb image of the Moon, Saturn and its rings, Jupiter and its moons, nebulae and star clusters. Celestron Omni XLT Series Telescopes have StarBright XLT Optical Coatings that enhances light transmission, providing maximum contrast and image sharpness. The StarBright XLT Coatings also present a clear an unblurred image. These Celestron Telescopes have a 25mm multi-coated eyepiece that is capable of a high 50X magnification. The Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Telescope also features the stable platform of the CG-4 German Equatorial Mount. This Equatorial Mount is responsible for accurately locating and tracking objects due to its setting circles and slow motion controls. The Celestron Omni XLT127 Telescope is also the perfect telescope for astrophotography. When used with the optional dual-axis motor drive (Model #93522) and the polar axis finder (Model #94221) to track objects for long exposure photography, these Telescopes can produce superior quality photographs. With these features of high quality optics and materials, the Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope 11084 is an excellent all-purpose telescope for deep sky observing, terrestrial viewing, and astrophotography.

Specifications for Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope 11084:

OPTICAL DESIGN: Schmidt-Cassegrain
APERTURE: 127 mm (5 in)
FOCAL LENGTH: 1250 mm (49.21 in)
EYEPIECE 1: 25 mm (0.98 in)
MOUNT: Omni CG-4 Equatorial
COUNTERWEIGHTS: 7lbs (3.2 kg) and 4lbs (1.8 kg)
RESOLUTION: 1.1 arc seconds
RESOLVING POWER: 0.91 arc seconds
LINEAR FIELD OF VIEW (@1000 YDS): 53 ft (16.15 m)
OPTICAL TUBE LENGTH: 11 in (279.4 mm)
OPTICAL TUBE WEIGHT: 6.5 lb (2.95 kg)
EQ MOUNT WEIGHT: 21 lb (9.53 kg)
WEIGHT: 40 lb (18.14 kg)

Features of Celestron Omni XLT127 Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes 11084:

  • High quality optics, hand selected so only the finest grade of optical glass is used
  • StarBright XLT coatings provide maximized light transmission
  • 25mm multi-coated eyepiece - 20mm eye relief
  • 1.25" star diagonal
  • CG-4 German Equatorial Mount with setting circles and slow motion controls - to accurately locate and track sky objects
  • Ball bearings in both axis of the mount for smooth performance
  • Easy no-tool setup
  • The Sky Level 1 planetarium software with 10,000 object database and enhanced images
  • Tripod is not included

Package Contents:

  • Celestron Omni XLT 127mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope w/out Tripod 11084
  • Planetarium software